Pet Cremation Options

Angel Paws Pet Cremation offers a variety of pet cremation options in order to suit your individual wishes. Whichever plan you choose, you can be assured that your beloved companion will be treated with the honor, dignity, and compassion.

Private Pet Cremation:

This type of cremation means that only one pet is placed into the crematory at a time. After the cremation is completed, the pet’s cremains are completely removed before another pet cremation begins. Private cremations are slightly more expensive than either individual or communal (group) cremations.

Individual Pet Cremation:

This type of cremation is where your pet is placed into the crematory with one or two other pets. Each pet is separated from others by space in order to help prevent the mixing of cremains.

Communal (Group) Pet Cremation:

A communal cremation, also called a “group” cremation, is common for clients who do not wish to have their pet’s cremains returned. In these cases, we will cremate your pet with up to three other pets in the crematory at one time. After the cremation has been completed, the cremains are scattered at sea. A group cremation is the least expensive of all cremation options.

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Latest Review

Michael Rodgers
Michael Rodgers
23:56 29 Jun 17
Our dachshund was taken by a hive of African bees. Traumatic on the kids, and us. We decided to cremate and plan to place some ashes and plant into a tree urn so his life continues. The guys at Angel Paws were very kind and helpful. The service was fast and he came back to us within a week. The wooden urn supplied in our package was very nicely personalized. I recommend this company to help in these sad situations
Norman Black Jr
Norman Black Jr
09:16 07 Mar 17
Angel Paws Pet Cremation is a fantastic pet crematory. I lost a cat of 16 years that I really loved, but what they provide gave me closure she's at peace. They gave me a bit of her hair, along with a paw print, two poems, a certificate of cremation, and a beautiful box with her name on it. Coming from San Diego, this was absolutely worth the drive.
Ryan Snook
Ryan Snook
22:17 18 Apr 17
I have had a terrible experience with this place so far. After being told I can come back in and pick up the remains of my dog, I have stopped by twice during advertised business hours (online and on the door); both during the week... once around 11 AM and once around 3 PM. With both instances there was nobody on site and nobody answered the phone. This place needs to get their act together if they are going to be in a sensitive industry. Still trying to collect remains. Would never recommend after such an unprofessional experience.
06:02 29 May 16
I had a 19 year old chi chi. Angle paws help me feel loved, cared about, and gave back more than I expected for sure. Wonderful experience for the hardest time in my life. Thanks Tammy
00:44 07 Apr 16
You guys were awesome! Thanks so much for taking care of my pet after she passed
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